Terracraft Pottery Academy Cochin

TerraCrafts provides clay modeling and pottery training in Cochin that is all set to give an enriching experience to all clay and pottery lovers.

We are a passionate and committed team of skilled and innovative artists who work together with the aim of bringing back the forgotten art form of India, pottery making. We look forward to getting people acquainted with the magnificent world of clay modeling and pottery. The Pottery class in Cochin offered by TerraCrafts academy are a great way to explore new possibilities by bringing a creative spirit. We are like a home to all age group people who are born out of passion, and a deep and enduring love for clay and pottery. Complete beginners or experienced potters - all are welcome!

Clay is a wonderful medium of creativity, an excellent stress buster, and brings you close to nature. When you indulge in clay art, you will not even know how the time flies. Whether pursuing the class for a lucrative business, or simply learning casual exploration, we’d love to see all benefit from this unique art form. Students are given the freedom to interact with the workers, clarify doubts, and explore new ideas to bring on their creativity at its best. Through our classes, we aim to create a special and enjoyable experience for you each time.

We teach from the basics; from handling the wheel, wedging the clay, and creating simple shapes in the wheel. And as you progress and once you are comfortable with basic hand building skills, you will be taught to make complex shapes, glazing, etc. No prior experience is being demanded to join the classes, the only qualification you need is a passion for art and a wish to explore the medium.

Course Fee: Rs. 7000/- per month

It is truly rewarding to watch something take shape from your own hands! All you need is clay, imagination and perfect guidance. If you’ve ever wanted to give it a try, well here’s your chance! Our classes at TerraCrafts Academy helps you create any piece you can imagine, from classic to experimental. The tutors are artists skilled in their own practices and are well-experienced to give you the right guidance. If you are an art enthusiast, and love to learn clay modelling and pottery making, visit our academy for more information.

Contact Info

Karukappadam (Jn), Eroor P.O North End,
Tripunithura, Kerala -682306

+91 9846398050, +91 9447465187, +91 9946273499



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