Cooking in Earthenware

Cooking in Earthenware

Ancient India made the use of earthenware for storing water and for cooking meals. With changing instances and technology, using earthen cookware has diminished. Glancing over the blessings of earthen cookware will help us realize why our ancestors had been so wholesome and wise.

Non-Toxic Material

Clay carries approximately 40% of herbal water and minerals like Magnesium, Iron, Phosphorus, and Calcium. Hence earthenware which is made up of clay is non-toxic and rich.

Porous Nature of Clay

As clay is porous in nature, it complements the cooking process. The warmth and moisture are allowed to circulate for the duration of the food. Hence the overall cooking technique is slowed down. Though the meals is cooked slowly, it avoids burning of the dishes. This means that you have to be a little more patient even as your food is being cooked in an earthen cookware.

Authentic Flavourful Food

Though meals might be served past due to you, the dishes could be wealthy in flavour. This is because all of the aroma and moisture stays within the meals, for this reason improving the flavor of the dish. Meat cooked in earthenware is tender, juicy and wealthy in taste along side an earthy flavour.

Health Benefits of Cooking in Earthenware

Cooking in earthen cookware guarantees inferior usage of oil for cooking. Thus it reduces the fats contents on your meal and the minerals included in clay enhance the nutrients of the food.

Types of Earthen (Clay) Cookware Available inside the Market

Following are the types of earthen cookware products available to shop for in the market.

Clay Cooker

It is always higher to go back to our primary tradition and changing our modern-day cooker with a clay cooker. In current cookers, immoderate stress breaks the nutrients of our food.

Clay cooker guarantees that the food is being cooked in adequate amounts of strain, as a result making the meals rich in nutrients.