Terracotta home decors

A Popular Choice for Home Decor

Terracotta has always remained true to its ancient form. With a long and rich history, it has its roots strongly grounded in ancient Indian culture. South Indians have a special liking for terracotta and it has evolved as a popular choice for home decor – be it indoors or outdoors. All credit goes to the skilled and highly talented artists who have made it to keeping this art alive.

As it is waterproof and environment friendly, terracotta allows itself lavishly to be used for a variety of purposes. The material is fireproof and hence can be moulded into any shape. Because of the color tone, they are able to transform any unappealing interiors into astonishing spaces. The most identifiable finishes are orange and red colors, but terracotta can also be seen in pink, grey, and brown colors.

A mix of Tradition and Modernity

We see trends come and go, but there has always been an upward movement with the popularity of terracotta products. The terracotta pieces add aesthetic appeal to any living spaces while keeping you connected with the cultural roots.

Terracrafts bring you a beautiful range of versatile and beautiful terracotta decorative products such as garden planters, ceramic planters, terracotta masks etc. and terracotta crockeries. These traditional craftsmanship with modern aesthetics, and that is available in a wide range of designs, shapes, sizes, and colors are just right for all your home decoration needs.

Terracotta Vases and Decorative Pots

The beautifully crafted terracotta vases and decorative pots are actually a tribute to the ancient tradition.

Homeowners have started to prefer terracotta pots for storing water. And the terracotta vases guarantee to add charm and grace to the home surroundings. When it comes about decorating the outdoors, one can’t think of an alternative to terracotta to decorate the gardens. They are light-weight, easily portable, and also maintenance-free.

Wooden Wall Shelves with Terracotta Decorative Pots

Wooden wall shelves with beautiful terracotta decorative pots are a great option if you are looking to brighten up your empty room walls.

Terracotta Lamps with Shade

It is a fabulous home decorating product that elevates the home’s aesthetics, also these terracotta lamps provide good options for low lighting.

Terracotta Crockeries

Nowadays, terracotta could be seen in the kitchen too.Ancient people used earthen pots to cook as well as store water. Food and water kept in earthen pots are considered healthier rather than keeping in plastic or aluminium crockeries.