Terracotta Planters

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Bonsai Planter


Ex Tax: ₹290


Terracotta bonsai pots for bonsai tree designed with adequate drainage holes, supporting feet for stable placement, and a soft oval design to facilitate root growth. Buy these simple handcrafted bonsa..

Cat Planter (TCP 164)


Ex Tax: ₹600


This cute cat planter comes with a clay finish, making it a thoughtful present for all plant lovers as well as cat lovers out there. It's the perfect way to add some color and brightness to your inter..

Churakka Planter (TCP-155)


Ex Tax: ₹654


Buy Churakka shaped terracotta pots online from TerraCrafts. Churakka planters are the perfect solution for adding lush, green beauty to every corner of your home. Order now at Terracrafts...

Frog Planter (TCP 156)


Ex Tax: ₹535


Buy frog-shaped decorative pots online from Terracrafts. This terracotta planter comes in an attractive shape. The pot has a premium finish on the outside. This decorative piece planter will enhance t..

Line Texture Planter (TCP-154)


Ex Tax: ₹599


Line textured plant pots for sale! Buy these handcrafted terracotta clay pots made by talented and dedicated artists. These earthen planters are the best for the healthy growth of your plants. Make yo..

Lined Planter (TCP 133)


Ex Tax: ₹875


Buy100% handmade terracotta pots online at Terracrafts! These lined decorative planters are made with premium quality clay and are built to last for several years. This stylish planter combines tradit..

Orchid Planter Cap (TCP146)


Ex Tax: ₹554


Terracotta hanging orchid planter handcrafted with 100% natural clay. These are specially designed for your mounted orchid plants. Drainage holes are provided for protection against over-watering and ..

Orchid Planter Diamond Cut (TCP 134)


Ex Tax: ₹585


Locally crafted diamond-cut terracotta orchid pots for sale! These orchid pots are handmade from the best quality clay to absorb excess moisture from the roots and keep them healthy. Extra diamond-sha..

Orchid Planter Grill (TCP-109)


Ex Tax: ₹585


Terracrafts clay orchid pots come with a premium finish and extra side holes for better air circulation and drainage. It is made with natural clay that allows air and water to pass through the walls o..

Showing 1 to 9 of 24 (3 Pages)

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